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Blackberry Farm

In keeping with the sense of place here on the farm, our brewery and processes are rooted in centuries old traditions.  We are respectful of the time honored methods of making beer, while constantly pushing the boundaries to employ modern techniques to enhance the complexity of our releases.  All of our beers utilize a natural re-fermentation in the bottle, which produces a soft and pleasant carbonation.  Every bottle that leaves our brewery has been conditioned in our temperature controlled cellar to ensure that you get the highest quality with each pour.

For us, life’s vitality and fullness is found in understanding the essential relationships between what goes into our bodies and minds and what we get out of them. Surrounded by the beautiful bounty of a working farm, we recognize fully that things like butter, sugars, cheeses and wine aren’t inherently bad. They’re simply different kinds of energy that, when thoughtfully consumed and balanced, can fuel various levels of exercise and activity.

We are proud to make our beer with a custom designed 20 BBL brewhouse and cellar crafted for us by W.M. Sprinkman.  Sharing our values for working with small, independent, family-ownedbusinesses, the folks at Sprinkman have helped us incorporate some special equipment to enable us to make the highest quality beers for you to enjoy.